Sunset / SF: Sheetrock

07 Mar

Sheetrock (5)

Bringing It Back Together

All of our rough inspections are complete!  Design evolved along the way.  Details were added.  The house starts to take on some personality.  As with any project, there is some give and some take.  There is always the unexpected turn or two.  But the landmark of completing all rough inspections is behind us, and we have covered the walls with sheetrock.  This is the stage when rooms take on their definition and you can start to feel the flow of the house.  We will wrap up sanding the drywall this week and will then prime the entire house.

Next week we will be moving into our flooring upstairs.  We began floating the bathrooms this week and will begin setting tile in the next couple of days.  The roof has been replaced, as well as some new skylights.  We insulated the entire house before the sheetrock went up; this will ensure that our radiant heating system is at top efficiency.  In a couple of weeks our finish work will kick in to high gear.  April will see this house come to market!

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