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Porta Pizzazz

Porta Pizzazz

If you pay attention to work done in your neighborhood, you may have noticed that portable toilets have been receiving special treatment.  Contractors are going to greater lengths to dress up the otherwise unsightly presence.  The portables are often visible at the jobsite for extended periods of time.  Attempts to disguise the toilets help keep the aesthetic of a neighborhood.  The shell created can serve as an image of the contractor.  It serves as jobsite signage and often captures the brand of a company.
Our latest dressing for a Pacific Heights seismic job, brings some custom artwork.  One side displays a local artist’s mosaic window.  Another side displays a solar-powered water feature.  There is a chalkboard that has a daily trivia question.  We find the neighbors stop by to participate while they are out walking.  The custom home also has some vertical planters.  Construction is an intrusive business; it’s nice to minimize our impact where we can.  Wait for the next one…

View From the Street

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