Café Underground Plumbing

Work is well underway for all of the new underground plumbing at our café project.  Two independent systems will pick up multiple sinks.  All of the food prep sinks will head out through a grease interceptor.  All other sinks will head out through a standard sewer connection.  Much of the equipment will be drained into a floor sink to provide an air gap.

The underground leaves the kitchen and pitches down to the basement area.  It punches through an old brick foundation and then ties in to the existing sewer system.  The grease interceptor will sit in this room, which will allow cleaning from the sidewalk pop up doors.

A couple of floor drains will tie into the system.  Each of these will receive a trap primer to maintain a vapor lock.  When our final connections are complete, we will have the plumbing department out to sign off on the work.  We will then backfill and compact and pour our concrete.  Eventually the floor will receive an epoxy finish.  Once the slab is down we can begin our metal framing.

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Enjoy Retirement

For the past decade we have looked forward to Linda Case’s column in Remodeling Magazine. She retired last month after 35 years in the industry. We want to share her final lessons of life and business:

* The more you open up, the more vulnerable you allow yourself to be, the harder people will work to help you.

* The right answers come from asking the right questions.

* Play to your strengths and hire to your weaknesses.

* Sharing solutions means you’ll avoid reinventing the wheel. Give one idea, get 10 back.

* Great power and leadership and friendship lie in humility.

* Success comes one third from having a great idea or concept. The other two thirds comes from the execution.

* Companies that succeed build great teams and trust them to help govern. Nothing beats a brain trust working on your behalf.

* Feedback — from your staff, your clients, your peers — is the breakfast of champions.

And last but not least …

* Never get behind a large group of remodelers in the buffet line!

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A Light in the Distance

Adam blazing a trail

Over the past few months we have been working on a commercial project South of Market in San Francisco. Large commercial jobs are always unique. Oftentimes, much of the energy is applied to issues peripheral to the work at hand. Dealing with the building or neighborhood, can often sidetrack a day. Sometimes the routine act of parking can seem like the better part of your day. Navigating all of these sidebars while keeping the job moving forward is the art of commercial work. Many tasks will impact the building as a whole, and therefore other tenants. This requires coordination during off hours to minimize impact on other tenants in a building. Like Adam is doing in the picture above, always push forward to the light at the end of the tunnel.

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Bernal Heights: Structural Upgrade

In order to remove a wall on our Bernal Height’s project, we needed to install a structural beam. Here are some photos of the install.

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Bernal Heights: LVL Install Part II

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Bernal Heights: LVL Install Part 1

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Bernal Heights: Demolition

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