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Café Underground Plumbing

Work is well underway for all of the new underground plumbing at our café project.  Two independent systems will pick up multiple sinks.  All of the food prep sinks will head out through a grease interceptor.  All other sinks will head out through a standard sewer connection.  Much of the equipment will be drained into a floor sink to provide an air gap.

The underground leaves the kitchen and pitches down to the basement area.  It punches through an old brick foundation and then ties in to the existing sewer system.  The grease interceptor will sit in this room, which will allow cleaning from the sidewalk pop up doors.

A couple of floor drains will tie into the system.  Each of these will receive a trap primer to maintain a vapor lock.  When our final connections are complete, we will have the plumbing department out to sign off on the work.  We will then backfill and compact and pour our concrete.  Eventually the floor will receive an epoxy finish.  Once the slab is down we can begin our metal framing.

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Posted by on June 12, 2012 in jobsite, photos, Plumbing, project