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Cafe: All Rough Inspections Complete

Things are progressing nicely at the cafe project.  The building department has been out to sign off on the rough plumbing, electrical and building inspections.  The public health department has made a visit to check on the status of the work.  All of the inspectors are happy, which allows us to move ahead to sheetrock.

View of the future kitchen from the front door.

You will notice that in the kitchen area we have run sheets of 1 1/8″ plywood up the walls.  This will serve as solid backing for restaurant equipment and display shelving.  Both the plywood and the sheetrock will eventually be covered in stainless steel.  This will satisfy the health department’s need for an approved cleanable surface.  All locations of equipment have been established at this point, dictating placement of electrical and gas locations.

Rough framing as viewed from the banquette area.

The curtain wall above our counter area will serve a few purposes.  We will house our recessed lighting in the curtain wall to illuminate the customer counter.  The dropped wall will also hide the lights in the kitchen.  Display art will find a home on the wall and it serves as a boundary between the kitchen and seating area.

Control Center

Once drywall goes up we will begin the finish stage of the project.  After all of the taping and sanding, we are moving directly into our concrete floor treatment.  The floors will receive some grinding before getting an epoxy coat.  The clear epoxy, showing the concrete’s exposed aggregate, will be a design feature of the cafe.

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